2018 4th Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts

The Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts (TTTIFA) is a privately run, independent arts festival, based on the curatorial concept of “the more local, the more international”. For the 2018 festival, the Feature Performances bring together creators from seven countries. In addition, as part of the TTIFA Artists Residency Program, international creators collaborate with local residents to develop a work representative of Dadaocheng.

Moreover, the public is encouraged to participate in and showcase their talent during the annual Time Machine Theater – 1920s Costume Parade and Open-Air Performances. Finally, in-depth dialogues on the arts and the relationship between local and international are carried out through workshops and lectures.

We anticipate that artistic energy will connect this community with the world and the arts with life/industries. By integrating the resources of local businesses and by listening to and implementing the ideas of local residents and creators, TTTIFA continues continues to grow and become more outstanding each year.

List of all events

Date Event Category
Date Event Category
10.12-10.21 Inside Out Dance Theatre《Our Body》 2018-Selected Programs
10.19-10.21 Pure Love《Pure Blessing of Love》 2018-Selected Programs
10.11-10.14 Thong Lor Art Space《Bloom / Wilt / Beauty》 2018-Selected Programs
10.6 -10.14 Leeroy New《Aliens of Dadaocheng》 2018-TTTIFA: Artist Residency Programs
10.15-11.12 Earthing Way X Zone Sound《ARAMONO Interactive Sound Exhibition》 2018-Selected Programs
10.12-10.14 Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre《Made in Macau 2.0》 2018-Selected Programs
10.20-11.3 Taipei Contemporary Art Center《2 Weeks》 2018-Selected Programs
10.26-10.28 Toa Tiu Tia Creative Urban Blocks Development Association《Together We Sail》 2018-Selected Programs
9.22-10.6 Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre《Object Poetry》 2018-TTTIFA: Artist Residency Programs
10.6-10.31 Daniel Nicolae Djamo《16 Sounds of Dadaocheng》 2018-TTTIFA: Artist Residency Programs
10.19-10.28 Voleur du Feu Theatre《Coming! Coming! Falling Heavily from the Mountains!》 2018-Selected Programs
10.27-10.28 Slash Youth With 3 Cats《That Old Feeling in Dadaocheng》 2018-Selected Programs
演出取消 cancelled Haotheater《Naraka》 2018-Selected Programs
10/01-10/31 Tua-Tiu-Tiann through a foreign lens 2017-Guest Curators’ Series
10.01-10.31 TTTIFA: Artists Residency Program 2017-Guest Curators’ Series
10.27/ 10.28 Smoking With Grandma 2017-Selected Programs
10.20/ 10.21/ 10.22 4X5 2017-Selected Programs
10.26/ 10.27/ 10.28/ 10.29 Singing for My City Beside the River 2017-Selected Programs
10.14-11.30 Aramono in Tua-Tiu-Tiann: Exhibition 2017-Selected Programs
10.13/ 10.14 Tua-Tiu-Tiann Community Dance Theater Project 2017-Selected Programs
10.06/ 10.07/ 10.08 Kakak 2017-Selected Programs
10.3/ 10.06/ 10.07/ 10.08 Workshop: Better Your Life through Emotions 2017-Selected Programs
10.28 Sounds of the City - An Evening in Tua-Tiu-Tiann 2017-Guest Curators’ Series
10.15 Weave - Rob - Sound - Process - Roam: A Sound Art Project in Dadaocheng 2017-Guest Curators’ Series
10.20 Queen Me 2017-Guest Curators’ Series