Time Machine Theater-1920s Costume Parade

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Have you ever thought about what Dadaocheng was like during the 1920s?

There were the shouts of hawkers selling their wares to crowds in the markets, rows of shops displaying a variety of goods and dozens of theaters. It was the center of Taiwan’s “new cultural movement”. Modern thought germinated here and Taiwan’s spirit and local culture grew strong.

This year, the Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts once again brings you on a journey back in time. Dress up in period costume to experience a festival that combines the past and present! Along Dihua Street, the Dadaocheng of a century ago is revived, as culture and the performing arts come together. Among nostalgic-looking stalls enjoy the dialogue between past and present.


2019-10-20 (Sun) 13:00:00

Starting Point for Parade

Plaza next to Exit 3 of the MRT Beimen Station

Dress Code

Dress up in classic Western clothing and add a straw hat. Or put on a Shanghai-style qipao, nostalgic Western dress or Chinese-style jacket with pleated skirt. Imitate the fashion sense of that period by mixing Chinese and Western looks.

Parade Route


Wei-shui Chiang, Charlie Chaplin, Louis Armstrong, Coco Chanel, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Yasunari Kawabata, Lingyu Ruan, Zhimo Xu, Ting-pho Tang, Sun-sun, Teng Yu-hsien, Jazz Age, 1920s fashion.


Time Title Location
13:00:00-13:30:00 Gathering time Plaza next to Exit 3 of the MRT Beimen Station
13:30:00-14:30:00 Parade
14:00:00-17:30:00 Stalls and performances Along Dihua Street