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Unique Puppet Theater "Persist"

Project content:

Adapted from a Japanese Buddhist legend "The Lotus Sutra", a monk from the Kumano region stays overnight in the house of an old man while on a pilgrimage. The old man’s daughter falls in love with him at first sight and asks him to stay. The monk leaves, but not before presenting her with a gift of a Buddhist statue. The young woman cannot stop thinking about him and, after much effort, finds him in a temple. Uncomfortable with her tenacity, the monk hides inside a large bell. The young woman turns into a snake and wraps herself around the bell, finally bursting into flames.

producer: Unique Puppet Theater
Nationality: Taiwan/Japan
Language: Performed in Japanese with Chinese Subtitles
Time: 10.18-10.19
Location: Nadou Theatre
Duration: 50 min (No intermission)
Price: NT$600

Introduction of Performer/ Troupe

Unique Puppet Theater was founded in 2012 to promote traditional Asian puppetry. This theater company seeks to improve on traditional puppetry performances while preserving what makes them exquisite to develop new audiences and create unique artistic value.

Production Team

Puppeteer:Kuo Chien-Fu
Storyteller:Ryo Kanagawa
Musician:Lin Jun-Rou
Production Team :Chang Shao-Chen、Huang Li-Wei


10.18 Fri. 19:30
10.19 Sat. 14:30
10.19 Sat. 19:30

Notice for Audience

1. Audience entrance later than the designated times will not be permitted.

2. This production contains the effects of smoke, lighting, and sound. Audience members should participate at their discretion.

3. This production is not family-friendly, parental accompaniment is advised for audience members under twelve.