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Chang Yi Yuan Glove Puppet Troupe "Journey to the West-Three Borrowings of Banana Fan"

Project content:

This is a story from the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West. The monk - Tang Sanzang - and his disciples cannot continue their journey due to a severe fire on Houyen Mountain. They come up with a solution, which is to borrow the banana fan from Princess Iron-Fan. However, the Princess is not willing to lend the fan to them, as she continues to hold a grudge based on past events. The Buddha knows of their difficulties and gives Sun Wukong a pill, which helps Sun not to be fanned away and irritates the Princess. On the third attempt to borrow the fan, Sun transforms into her husband, the Bull Demon King. Just as Sun successfully obtains the fan, the real Bull Demon King returns home. They fight and Sun emerges victorious with the help of a general from heaven - Li Jing. Finally, Tang Sanzang and Sun use the banana fan to extinguish the fire on Houyen Mountain and continue their journey to the West.

producer: Chang Yi Yuan Glove Puppet Troupe
Nationality: Taiwan
Language: Performed in Taiwanese, no subtitles
Time: 10.27
Location: Nadou Theatre
Duration: 90 min (No intermission)
Price: NT$400

Introduction of Performer/ Troupe

The Chang Yi Yuan Glove Puppet Troupe was established in the beginning of the Japanese colonial period (1895-1945) and originally named Xiang Sheng Tian. After the 1940s, it was the only glove puppet troupe remaining in central Taiwan’s Changhua County and named Chang Yi Yuan by the Changhua County Government. Now, the troupe is in the fourth generation of operation. Its performance styles include classical, martial arts, Jin Guang (Golden Ray), and temple shows.

Production Team

Chang Yi Yuan Palm Puppet Troupe
Leading Performer: Chen, Wei-Yo


10.27 Sun. 15:00

Notice for Audience

1. This production contains the effects of smoke, lighting, and sound. Audience members should participate at their discretion.