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BIO liquid light , I am Hand Tonight , Pan's Dancing Ground "Fluid Light Field - Liquid Light Live Painting, Free Writing, Contemporary Body"

Project content:

Free writing becomes coded thought and within the contemporary body are woven the cells of the flesh. Based on the fluid art of liquid light painting, the conscience embellishes the environment, which becomes one with the body. This is an immersive theater experience that explores the relationships between the body and the conscience and between the environment and ourselves. Visual effects and text created live and body design and structure present a fluid light field of life.

producer: Earthing Way
Nationality: Taiwan
Language: Non-verbal Performance
Time: 10.24-10.26
Location: Thinkers' Theatre
Duration: 50min (No intermission)
Price: NT$600

Introduction of Performer/ Troupe

■Liquid Light Live Painter / Bio Hsieh
A live painting performance is carried out based on the principles of the separation of oil and water. This artist is devoted to live production of visual artworks, focusing on fluid art and liquid light sculptures. To enhance the stage esthetics, he applies opaque projection techniques to the creation of light fields.

■I am Hand Tonight/ Wu Chi-Chen
Tsai is a wandering dancer. He specializes in applying the physical state to the presentation of the relationship between space and sound. During his travels around Taiwan, he collaborates with different people in different places, using the body to describe each dance and each story.

■Pan‘s Dancing Ground/ Pan Tsai
Wu is a photographer and writer. The romantic aspects of her contradictions invariably resonate with people. Having participated in many exhibitions, this is her first attempt at a collaborative theater-style performance.

Production Team

Co-created by
■Director, Liquid Light Live Painter/ Bio Hsieh (BIO)
■Dancer, Contemporary Body/ Pan Tsai (Pan‘s Dancing Ground)
■Text creator, Free Writing/ Wu Chi-Chen (I am Hand Tonight)


10.24 Thu. 20:00
10.25 Fri. 20:00 (filmed performance)
10.26 Sat. 20:00

Notice for Audience

1. Audience entrance later than the designated times will not be permitted.

2. The performance has no fixed seating arrangements. Casual dress is advised.