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Sandwishes Studio "20’s in the Wind"

Project content:

"20’s in the Wind" is an installation that brings back memories of Dadaocheng of the 1920s. When a visitor pulls on a rope, an old news article, story, letter or manuscript arrives after passing through time. The images and texts were selected and edited with the help of local cultural units and organizations.
The title 20’s in the Wind commemorates one of the largest restaurants in Taipei during the Japanese colonial era (1895-1945), which was used by its owner Chiang Wei-Shui to host doctors, students, and activists discussing solutions to Taiwan's social issues. It also echoes the characteristics of the work - external natural phenomena and internal thought - and the artistic experience that it provides.

producer: Sandwishes Studio
Nationality: Taiwan, Hongkong
Language: Installation
Time: 10.01-10.31
Location: Bookstore1920s, URS329
Price: Free Admission

Introduction of Performer/ Troupe

Founded in 2012, Sandwishes Studio hopes to make society better through interdisciplinary art and design practices. It works with government agencies, NGOs, citizen groups and enterprises for positive social impact. Past projects include Taipei City park renovation program, New Taipei City Festival of Inclusive Arts, Taipei City Gonguan area landscape art projects, and the first easy-to-read voting guidebook in the history of Taiwan's elections.



Notice for Audience

1. Please do not pull on the installations excessively.

2. Please consult festival staff if problems occur.


Sandwishes Studio

Official Website:https://www.3andwishes.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SandwishesStudio/

Co-production/ Thanks/ Sponsor

Thanks to Chiang Wei-shui's Cultural Foundation and BorderLabs