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Date Myself × Wild Fabric × Earthing Way "Beyond Perception Space"

Project content:

Through interactive design and guidance, Beyond Perception Space becomes a theatrical presentation. Participants experience experimental theater of the mind, based on their perceptions. In the end, they receive fibers of their own choice and perceive the boundaries of conscious choice.

Through our perceptions and observations of the world, we produce emotional reactions. From a survey of these, we form a relationship with the environment and make choices based on objective conditions and subjective thought. In each stage of life, we face choices. Behind these are delicate relationships between people, between people and objects, between people and emotions and between people and the environment. A choice is often composed of interwoven factors that can be huge and complicated. The result is a condensed fragment of life’s perceptions woven into choices. The distance to the boundary of perception is the other side of emotion, with coexisting and interwoven choices of objective existence and subjective thought.

Observations of tangible materials interweave with intangible sensory information to form emotional choice. When we no longer rely on sight, there is a heightening of other senses and the body becomes a standard for measuring the world. As we consciously redefine the unit of measurement, we regain power over our lives and emotions, becoming aware of our position in the world and methods of communication. Distance is relationship and action. The conscious connects the common points of body and environment. In the choice relationship between the conscious and space, there is conscious or unconscious exploration of spatial dimensions. Through internal perceptions, we attempt to understand the scale of the external universe.

producer: Date Myself × Wild Fabric × Earthing Way
Nationality: Taiwan
Language: Chinese
Time: 10.18-10.19
Location: Taiwan Bussan, 3F
Price: NT$450

Introduction of Performer/ Troupe

Wild Fabric Design × Earthing Way

Wild Fabric Design
This is a new type of fabric store focused on natural materials. It is divided into three
main areas: themed showcases, product displays, and work areas. The purpose is to
highlight a return to textiles. Sales of fabrics and textile products are its main income
source. At the same time, design elements are incorporated to produce outdoor and
camping products such as hats, beer holder bags, washable cotton and linen picnic
blankets, yoga mats and kites. Other items include a line of skirts.

Earthing Way
Earthing Way blends the new and old, selling selected Taiwanese-style products. At the same time, as a creative, it organizes or participates in various art and cultural exhibitions, performances and activities. Its creative concepts are based on the incorporation of Taiwanese cultural elements, to develop uniquely Taiwanese lifestyles and esthetics.

Production Team

Date Myself Wild × Fabric Design × Earthing Way


Session1|10.18. Fri.|19:00-20:00
Session2|10.18. Fri |20:30-21:30
Session3|10.19. Sat |19:00-20:00
Session4|10.19. Sat |20:30-21:30

Notice for Audience

1. This production has four performances in total, each of which has roughly sixty minutes and a maximum capacity of ten audience members.