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Peking Opera Legend "The White Snake"

Project content:

This is a Chinese love story about White Snake and human. After thousands years of efforts to practice immortality, White Snake and Green Snake succeed to transform themselves into human beings, and become Lady White and her servant Jade. They start a journey in human world. One day, Lady White met a young handsome man Hsu-Hsien at a lake side, and falls in love with him immediately. Under Jade’s help, eventually Hsu-Hsien and Lady White get married and make a good match. But it was not all smooth sailing; a monk, named Fa-Hai, warned Hsu-Hsien that his wife is actually a large snake. Lady White was set up to drink wine and returned to a white snake. Seeing the truth, Hsu-Hsien was literally shock to death. Although Lady White stole the celestial herb for Hsu-Hsien, and saved his life, he still runs away from her to Fa-Hai, and hides in Gold Mountain Temple. After a heartbreaking waiting, Lady White headed to the Temple with Jade to ask Fa-Hai to release her husband. However, Fa-Hai considers that a human being cannot get together with a snake, and insists on keeping Hsu-Hsien in the temple. Lady White used her magical power to flood the Temple, and an underwater fighting between gods and monsters has begun.

producer: The C.F. Koo Foundation
Nationality: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Time: 10.3
Location: DaDaoCheng Theater
Duration: 50 min

Introduction of Performer/ Troupe

Taipei Li-yuan Peking Opera TheatreMembers of Taipei Li-Yuan are all professional players of Peking Opera. Trained for nine years in the Taiwan National Academy of Operatic Arts and skillful in Chinese kung-fu, acrobatics, and traditional dances as well as instruments, they have joined Taipei Li-Yuan upon graduating from college and toured the world with the company as actors/dancers. Taipei Li-Yuan was founded in 1997, ten years after her most celebrated leading actor/director Maestro Bao-chun Li, came to Taiwan and started his career as a partner of the C. F. Koo Foundation, an NPO dedicated to promoting traditional performing arts. The members also performed independently in TaipeiEye, a showcase of Chinese traditional performing arts for tourists in Taipei, with Maestro Li as the Artistic Director. They have won recognitions as a troupe of talents and creativity in both traditional and modern movements and have performed in sundry occasions of cultural exchanges in success.

Production Team

C.F. Koo FoundationC. F. Koo Foundation was founded in 1988 by Dr. Chen-Fu Koo, founder and previous chairman of the Straits Exchange Foundation, and currently under the leadership of Chairman of the Board, Dr. Ovid Tzeng, and Chief Executive, Vivien Ku. The mission of the C.F. Koo Foundation is to help develop corporate business management, medical research, and activities of performing arts through international cultural exchanges, including that with China. C. F. Koo Foundation’s most recognized Peking Opera Promotion Project was started by Vivien Ku in 1990 with Maestro Bao-chun Li and many other celebrated Peking Opera artists, to produce refined classical productions that tour in Europe, America and Asia. Performances have been given to remote schools, and many works have been created to help new and upcoming Peking Opera artists grow. In 1997, C. F. Koo Foundation turned the Peking Opera Promotion Project into Taipei Li-yuan Peking Opera Theater, with Vivien Ku as CEO and Maestro Bao-chun Li in the lead. This Peking Opera Theater has since produced twice yearly its well-known 【Peking Opera Neo-Classics】and toured in China often. It has performed in China Shanghai International Arts Festival, China Peking Opera Festival, Beijing Music Festival, and many other key performing arts festivals in China. It’s major touring partner in China is the Poly Cultural Group; together they help promote China-Taiwan cultural exchanges and have received numerous favorable reviews. C.F. Koo Foundation proceeded to found a cultural tourism theatre, TaipeiEye, in 1999, to promote cultural tourism in Taiwan. It gives over 200 performances each year, featuring acrobat performances, finger puppets shows, paper puppets shows, Taiwanese aboriginal songs and dances, Peking Opera, and sundry other forms of traditional performing arts and visual arts. TaipeiEye has been awarded by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau and is highly recommended by international tourism organizations and hotels for those who visit Taiwan. C. F. Koo Foundation recently founded The Koo Company in August of 2014 with the original administrative and technical team from Novell Hall (1996-2014); the team has 18 years of experiences in performing arts and venue management. The Koo Company provides services in production, management and consulting in performing arts. The Novel Hall team before its merging into the C. F. Koo Foundation, served under the leadership of Vivien Ku and was a multiple-awards receiver from the Taiwan Ministry of Culture, including twice the most prominent Awards for Special Achievements and dozens of Golden Awards, Silver Awards, Bronze Awards, sometimes several in the same year, and was voted many times online the best theatre service in Taipei City. In 2011, the Taipei City Government acknowledged the contribution of Novel Hall by changing the name of the street next to Novel Hall into “Novell Hall Lane.” The Company now continues to train professionals in theatre management and dedicate itself to knowledge and experience exchanges. Each year, the company hosts front of house trainee and back stage technical specialists trainings, and many of the trainees go on to serve in different performance venues throughout Taiwan.


10.3 Thu. 19:30