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Matt Fullen's Stage Right Band

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This October, come to a Tua-Tiu-Tiann bar and let Matt Fullen and friends bring you a little 1920’s jazz, with good food, lively conversation, and a few drinks to boot. Three different themes for three different shows, they’ll take us all back to the era of classic jazz.

10/3 The Songs of 1920s Jazz
This show will focus on the immortal jazz songs written in the 1920s, everything from “Tea For Two,” “Sweet Georgia Brown,” and Hoagy Carmichael’s “Stardust” to Fats Waller’s “Ain’t Misbehavin.” The 1920s was a creative decade that produced many of the most famous songs in jazz, songs that are still played today around the world. The band will play and also talk about the songs that have lasted for nearly 100 years.

10/17 The Composers of 1920s Jazz
This show will focus on the great composers of 1920s jazz, most notably the song writers of Tin Pan Alley such as Irving Berlin (“Cheek to Cheek,” “White Christmas,” “Blue Skies”), Cole Porter (“Love For Sale,” “What Is This Thing Called Love,” “Night and Day”), and the Gershwin brothers (“I Got Rhythm,” “Summertime,” “I Loves You Porgy”) but also player/composers like Fats Waller. The band will play and talk about the lives and works of these important song writers.

10/31 The Stars of 1920s Jazz
This show will focus on the stars of jazz in the 1920s, most notably trumpeter Louis Armstrong, pianist Fats Walker, clarinetist Sidney Bechet, trumpeter Bix Beiderbecke, Duke Ellington, and Django Reinhardt, among others. The band will play selections from the repertoires of these great musicians and talk about their lives in one of the most exciting decades of the 20th century!!

producer: Matt Fullen's Stage Right Band
Language: concert
Time: 10.31
Duration: 90 min
Price: NT$500

Introduction of Performer/ Troupe

Matthew James Fullen is a composer and jazz pianist living in Taipei,Taiwan. As a jazz pianist, Matt leads his own groups, plays in a number of jazz groups in Taipei, and is particularly known for his passion for working with jazz and pop vocalists. Matt has been bandleader for Joanna Wang (王若琳) since 2013, and has performed in concert with artists such as Adam James Sorenson, Woody Witt, POLO, George Braith, Paige Su (蘇珮卿), Macy Chen (玫熹), and Koala Liu (劉思涵).

Additionally, Matt’s classical compositions have won awards and been performed in music festivals such as the 2010 Society of Composers International Conference in the United States and the 2013 Workshop on Computer Music and Technology in Taipei. Matt performs regularly in jazz venues and music festivals in Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong, and has performed with Joanna Wang at the 2013 CMJ Music Festival in New York City and the 2014 Glastonbury Music Festival.

In 2015, Matt recorded and is currently mixing his first album, Intuition, which is comprised entirely of his own jazz compositions. Matt has recorded with numerous artists, including Joanna Wang (2016), Adam James Sorensen (2017),POLO, Aivee Hsu, and Jasmine Chien. Matt has also composed music for theater and film, including “Misplaced Magic” (2010), “Like a Tender Breeze” “時光之絆” (2014) and Within You 1.0 “在你之內) (2014).


10.31 Thu. 19:30-21:00