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Singing for My City Beside the River

Project content:

“Ah, why are these steps heavy, why are these feelings leaden?" Heavy is the mist hovering over the Danshui River. Living by the river in this city of mist, why can we not find where the light leads? What kind of city is our city? Following the light shining through in the mist, how should we search for our steps, and how do we step firmly? “Night in the city is a sorrowful song. In the place where I belong, I do not know how to step forward." "Singing for My City Beside the River” is a work of physical theatre that draws from the spirit of seven Taiwanese folk songs as the backbone of the performance. The physicality of the performance is mainly inspired by the natural vegetation and scarred history of Taiwan. This performance asks: facing the dense mist of history that pervades the city, how can the people from the tea and textile industry in Tuatiutiann find the light that leads the way out? “I do not wish so. I do not wish so. But if I have to die, I will die here.”

producer: VanBody Theatre
Location: Sin Hong Choon

Singing for Tea Action Spectrum Workshop

Date:10.7. Sat. 19:00 / 10.14 Sat.19:00 Place:新芳春行 Sin Hong Choon registration → https://goo.gl/j3kMbR