I would like to request services.  How does this work?

First, you'll submit your information using the Services Request Form above. From there, the details you have provided will be distributed through a private channel to all sitters for review. If a sitter is available, he or she will accept the assignment and the dates will be placed in our booking software. You will receive a confirmation by email. If clarity or additional details are required, a staff member will reach out to you. For NEW CLIENTS, once the dates of service are secured, we will also set up a Meet-and-Greet so you and your sitter can review details regarding routine, feedings, etc. In a separate email, you will receive a New Client Agreement packet. Please fill out the packet in its entirety. It is important that we have as much detail as possible so the sitter will know what to expect.

How far in advance should I request services?

The farther in advance you request service, the better chance there is that a sitter is available and that we can ensure coverage. As we get closer to the start date, we will reconfirm with the sitter and make adjustments if necessary. Please note that we try to accommodate all requests, but unfortunately are not always able to do so, including same-day requests.

I prefer to work only with one sitter.  Can I contact my sitter directly to set up service?

We LOVE to hear that you love your sitter! You are welcome to indicate which sitter you prefer to work with when requesting service through the request form on our website. Please note that indicating a preferred sitter does not guarantee availability.

How does billing work?

Once dates and times are confirmed, you will receive an invoice by email the day before the start date which will be due on the last date of service. You can click the button at the bottom of the invoice, enter card details, and pay online. We use Square for invoicing, which uses bank-level security. We accept all major credit card networks, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. We also accept checks made out to Pet Sit Arizona.

I take my dog to the dog park.  Will a sitter do that for me?

Your pet's SAFETY is our number one concern. While we may be able to anticipate your dog's behavior, we cannot anticipate the behavior of other dogs. For that reason, we do not socialize your dog in your absence, in the off chance something terrible were to happen. Additionally, we do not maintain pet travel insurance and we do not want to run the risk of a sitter being involved in a car accident with your dog in his or her vehicle.




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